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Testimony Of Karen Hocker

I was born in 1954 in Springfield, Vermont, and was brought up as a Catholic. I married my first husband, Dave, in 1974, and he was also Catholic. I went to church, I was the only one in my family who went to church, but somehow I knew that it was empty, hollow, and Jesus wasn't there. But I continued to attend the Church, not knowing where He really was, and prayed to Him every day, and even joined the choir, which required additional attendance and rehearsals.

Dave and I had a good marriage, and had two children. In 1999, Dave needed to have gall bladder surgery, which was a same-day procedure at our local hospital, and something went terribly wrong. He ended up dying 13 days later in ICU at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and all of a sudden my life was drastically changed. Dave's dad died the month after Dave did, and then three months after that, my own dad died. Also during this time, my daughter's marriage failed, after only 5 months. For six months after Dave's death I was in shock, and then a deep depression set in. That was when I called to the Lord asking (screaming) “Where are you?”, and crying uncontrollably. My sister thought I needed to see a bereavement counselor, so she set me up with one. Then, in October that year my grandmother died, and the office I worked in was getting new computers. I took off some time for my grandmother's funeral, and then came in to the office to attend the training for the new computer software. Needless to say, my attitude was not the best. There was a nice guy named Charles who put in the computers for us, and he seemed gentle and kind. There was something about him. I wasn't sure what it was. We talked a little bit and he told me a little about the Lord Jesus Christ, and that “I needed to come out of the darkness” and into the light. I later realized that Charles was sent by Jesus to be the answer to my prayer. Then, on November 8, right after the new computers were put in, there was a fire in our office. It started at midnight and no one knew why it started. Our office was completely destroyed! Now, the only thing that was “normal” in my life had now been taken away. I went reeling into panic attacks and severe depression, even contemplating suicide.

Now Charles had to come back to the office to put in new computers again! We worked together at the office, and I helped him with the installation of the computers, since there was really nothing else I could do, as our files had been sent to a cleaner to try to save them. He kept dropping some seed about the Lord, and how I could be free from all of this torment I was going through, if I would only let the Lord help.

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior on December 16, 2000 (less than 2 months after I met Charles). I believe it happened so quickly because at that point I knew that only the Lord could help me. I know that all that happened with the fire was of the Lord. As further testimony that it was the work of the Lord, the insurance company for the office had destructive testing done to the copier (which was melted, and apparently the source of the fire) and the water machine, and after almost two years, the verdict came back: It was an ACT OF GOD. Charles and I knew that indeed it was! If it had not been for the fire, I would never have seen Charles again much at all, since he lived in a town 1 _ hours away. That next year as I was learning the Word, I was finding that my asthma would act up just as I was on my way to bible study. Then, on a trip, when I met a man of God, he asked me whether I wanted to be delivered of asthma. I said yes, I did. I was immediately delivered, and have been free of asthma ever since. After I returned from my trip, I went to my regular doctor appointment, and he said “let's check your asthma”. He was shocked to see that “It's like you never had asthma!” This is my testimony that the Lord continues to work miracles today as he did while he was walking on the earth.

Charles and I were married on July 14, 2001, and I realize just how much the Lord has blessed me in my life. I see the Lord continuing to move in Charles' and my life, and in the lives of my family: my daughter has accepted the Lord, and I have hope and prayer for my other family members. As I was writing this testimony, it brought back to me once again the depth of the grace, mercy and love Jesus gives us every day.


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