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Membership Information



At the Fishermen Ministry we recognize that the only membership that ultimately matters is membership in the Body of Christ. I Corinthians 12:27. It is members of the Body of Christ that are saved and not some particular denomination or local fellowship. Ephesians 5:23. As the scripture makes clear, there is no salvation by association, rather each of us must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2:12. [*Yet the scripture reminds us of the importance of fellowshipping one with another. Hebrews 10:25.] Nonetheless, over the years we have learned that membership can serve a useful purpose in Him. With that experience in mind and an openness to options that we have not yet considered but that may be of Him, we have created the following membership program.

Full Membership

Full membership is designed for those whom we have personally come to know and who have personally come to know us. Most of the time full membership follows from a direct, in-person relationship between the member and one of our ministers. In this age of world-wide communication, however, we have come to “know” people who may live far away, but who we have never met in person.

Full membership is a covenant relationship between a “born again” believer who has shown to us evidence of a calling in the Lord Jesus Christ and one of our ministers. The specific requirements of the “member” are that he or she (1) completely agree with our Articles of Faith, (2) have entered into a discipleship relationship with one of our ministers and (3) tithe to that minister. With that commitment the fullness of the anointing of the Lord that we have to offer may be imparted and the member is able to partake of all things that the Lord has given unto us to share. Matthew 10:41.

Full members may be issued certificates, as they progress in their discipleship training, recognizing them as Christian Workers, licensed ministers or, ultimately, as ordained ministers of the Lord. Full members, who are recognized as ordained ministers of the Lord, are authorized to represent The Fishermen Ministry to the world.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is designed for fellow members of the Body of Christ, who we may not have come to know personally, but who have provided satisfactory evidence to us that they (1) are born again believers in Jesus Christ, (2) actively working or seeking to work in the ministry, (3) are members of another church or fellowship body and (4) agree to support this ministry with offerings as the Lord leads. As a member of a local church or fellowship body we expect their tithes to go there and not to this ministry. Associate membership can serve as a stepping stone to full membership, but there is no such requirement.

As we know that ministerial credentials can be important to carrying out the work that the Lord has given to His people to accomplish, we do issue ministerial credentials to associate members where appropriate. While these credentials do not authorize the associate member to represent The Fishermen Ministry, they can be used as a confirmation of a person’s calling in the Lord to third parties (i.e. government agencies, hospitals, prisons, etc...) that can be helpful for opening certain doors to ministry.

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