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Grace Ranch Update

For those who do not know, Grace Ranch is our Christian Training Camp in West Texas.  Located approximately 65 miles East of El Paso in the Desert, we are building facilities for training ministers and a place for people to come and get away from the thing of this world.  We also have an Out Reach program to the 'Desert People' who live out here.  For more information on Grace Ranch, Click on the Link Button at the bottom.


Today it was my turn.  It got down to 17 degrees last night and I lost a valve to the freeze last night.  My water tank is on gravity feed, so we lost all of the water from it. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon.  Praise The Lord!  Just another day in Paradise out here at Grace Ranch!


Well, today we started out with one of John's pipes breaking.  We lost around 800 gallons of water.  Fortunately the pump is ok and we got everything up and running again in a short time. Praise The Lord!


Well, we had our morning radio check in today.  We keep in touch with some of the people out here with two way radios to make sure they are ok.  We have some old people without any form of communications, so we set up a radio net to help them out.  We are fortunate to have a telephone, so if they have an emergency, they call us on the radio and we can relay the information by telephone.  It's interesting after my update from yesterday that I was informed this morning during check in that one of our neighbor's pipes froze at his water take.  He lost a 2" valve and his pipe out to his disconnect.  He had turned his water off and drained his pump, but there was still enough water in the line to take out his valve.  He lost all of his water from his 2500 gallon tank.  He is 76 years old so we will seek to help him get up and running soon.  John, a member of the ministry here, had a line break and lost the water out of his tank.  Fortunately the pump was not ruined.  We'll keep you posted as the days go by.


Well, as you can guess, we have switched over to our winter mode now.  The weather has been in the teens some nights and we have been battling the 'freezing of the pipes" which we have to do every year.  Because there is no electricity up at the camp, we can't use heat tapes, so we have to drain everything each night so nothing freezes.

We are continuing our Missionary work out here in the desert, to those who are in need, but with the added expense of winter, it is hard to keep up with the needs.  Heating is a real problem for people out here.  No electricity, water or other luxuries that most people in this country take for granted.

If you have any blankets you would like to donate, we would surely love to take them off your hands.

You can Contact: 

Steven H. Atherton
The Fishermen Ministry
P.O. Box 360
Northfield Falls, VT 05664
(802) 485-7577

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